El Phantasmo

The Legendary (according to himself) outlaw


Julio Manitos Ricardo Dantarro de la Vaga was a human rogue and an antihero who worked with The Guardians of Time.


Early life

Julio Manitos Ricardo Dantarro de la Vaga grew up as the son of a rich trader in the city of Ey Macarena, Santarossia. His father, Elonso de la Vaga was a cold and merciless businessman, who only cared for gold. He even sold his wive for a golden statue of a lady, stating that ‘’He liked her looks, but he preferred the look of gold.’’ Heartbroken, Julio decided to flee before his father would sell him too for a bottle of fine wine. He was relatively unknown by locals, because his father always kept him hidden from the outside world.

Dinner at De la Vaga’s, with Julio on the topright and Dantarro at the head of the table

Julio started his career by robbing local rich people. The underworld soon saw his potential as an asset for their thieving.

Quick, nimble and smart, Julio built a name for himself as he broke into wealthy estates and took the ‘surplus’ possesions of the rich.

One unfaithful night, he wanted to break into his father’s mansion to get revenge. Elonso, however, was as prepared as he always was. Julio was captured and beaten to near death by the private guards that his father hired. They left him for death at the mouth of the local sewer. That was the moment Julio decides to devote his life to the art of the blade, so that he could defend himself in the future.

Many travelers came to the city of Ey Macarena and said people took foreign knowledge with them. While sneaking on the docks late at night, Julio decided to pay a visit to a Phrench galleon, where he was caught by the captain of the ship. The captain, feeling sentimental (because he was drunk), decided to make Julio an offer. The captain would take Julio with him to Arkenfel and give him swordfighting lessons in exchange for help with his smuggling.

In Arkenfel

When he arrived in Arkenfel, Julio started thieving right away. He was never caught by the guards of Luon II. He always got out at the last moment, most of the time with a grandiose escape route. Because he had a strong Santarossian accent, the people quickly dubbed him as ‘El Phantasmo’.

El Phantasmo

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