Remember when he blew everyone up with a fucking fireball?! I do! -Stefan



Beyond the point of no return

Two weeks after my twelfth birthday I went for a stroll near the harbor of the great city Panambur. My parents owned a big deal of the lands surrounding that city and there wasn’t much moneymaking without them involved. During that stroll I was captured, blindfolded and when I woke up, I found myself on a medium sized vessel. Aparently the men that caught me didn’t know who I was. There was no point in explaining either because by that time the only thing I could see between this vessel and the horizon, was water…

During the years on board, I developed my bargaining and bribing skills and was consequently given a nick name. The crew called me “Silver Tounge”. On a warm evening two years and some months after my embarkment, most of the crew members got ashore to have some drinks. I went along and found the opportunity I needed. I managed to run off. From that moment on, I was alone. I have been chasing priced heads since, trying to find my way back to Panambur and reclaim my rightfull place as head of the family.

Peculiar treasure


After I spent some time wandering through the land, I found myself in a medium sized city with a great difference in wealth between the eastern and western parts. In the slumber parts of the city I spent some late nights hearing out people that risk their health in more than one way by drinking this much. Apparently, a heist was organized by some scumbags. The target was no-one less than the mayor. Of course I love bureaucrats, but this opportunity was just too good to let my moral senses get in the way. Unexpectedly, the heist mostly went as planned, except for the fact that one of the scumbags was surprised by a door in his face and when he woke up he found some shackles around his wrists, instead of his part of the catch in his hands. Of course I didn’t introduce myself to them, they probably wouldn’t let me take part anyway and no-one could point at me might the heist go the other way around.

In my well-earned part of the catch was a simple dusty oil lamp. It was hardly worth the effort of selling, so I decided to try fill and light it on a winter evening. When I opened the thing, a lot of dust rose from the opening and made me cough. The weird thing though was that the dust never laid down. Instead it slowly drifted to a corner of the room, that was hurled in darkness except for the light of a single candle on the side table. A shape emerged from the dust. After it took form, it started emitting dim light and in front of me now stood an oversized frowning demon-like man. He had horns on his head and spikes on his elbows and shoulders. His lower body and wrists were covered with brass belts and red silk. His eyes were pieces of burning charcoal and his hands were claws as large as my torso.

The man stared at me for three seconds, as if his mind was absent, but his breath was forcefully controlled and even from some meters distance I felt the heat coming from the exhaled air. He then spoke with a deep voice, “It has been some time since I had the pleasure of looking at filthy humans.”. This made me wonder what I was looking at, so right before he continued speaking I asked him; “You are clearly not human, but what are you, a demon of some kind?”. “I am not, I am an Efreeti, my favor for flames and fire is mutual, but don’t you dare to compare me to those disgusting cockroaches.". He then eveluated the situation for a moment. "Apparently, you are not from around. Humans usually pull out the stopper on the far end and then pour me out, but you clearly don’t know how a sophisticated lamp works.”. “Still, I have a proposition for you. After a couple hundreds of years, I am now tired of waiting in that crampy space. I seek action and despair and judging from your looks, you can give me plenty of that. If you provide me with experiences, I will lend you a portion of my powers to stir up other people’s lives and then we can both have a laugh. What do you say?”. I had only one answer to that. “You are hired, when can you start?”. He gazed at me once more, the candle slowed it’s flickering and after a moment that felt like an eternity, the candle exploded, the monster combusted into dust and embers. The window smacked open and with a harsh gust the Efreeti pushed his way through my pours in my flesh. My skin felt as if I was burnt alive, but it didn’t take long. I felt a new kind of stoic enthousiasm flowing through my body and I could see way past the darkness into the night through the empty window, where once rested the glass…


The men’s room

During my adventures as bounty hunter, I sometimes worked with so to call “colleges”. Most of which I rather would or did leave behind than help. However some were not too bad working with. Throughouth the years I build a vast network of acquaintances consisting of bounty hunters, rogues and fellows of simmilar expertise. The most skilled and respected of us joined in an alliance called The men’s room. One of the customs is that if you want to appraise a smith for an exquisite job on an new piece of arms or armor, then you will order a second piece of the same kind, pay in advance but never come to pick it up.


Dragon’s lair

Some of my adventures didn’t concern people or other humaniods, but rather beasts or even demonic creatures. Only a month ago, I was contracted to kill a passive agressive dragon.

At the time my party arrived at the entrance of it’s cave, the passive part was gone. It was extremely furious. After a long harsh fight I found out it was protecting an egg lying in the middle of the cave. My comrades were resting outside, so I was the only person in the cave. Naturally I took the egg. When I touched it for the first time, I felt a strange tingle flowing through my veins. Slowly my skin turned red and my breath burned in my throath. When I came out of the cave people stared at me as if they were seeing a ghost. Apparently the Efreeti inside me responded to the dying breath of the dragon and had pulled some of the lifeforce of the dragen into me, fueling us both.The egg weighs 1 pound and has a bright red scale. I still carry it on me, waiting for it to crack open.


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