Guardians of Time

The mysterious page

“Darkness, everlasting darkness surrounds us until we write down our mind, hoping to wake up and realize it was just a bad dream” Devros Almonde, court scribe of Arkenfell; A feast for monsters

We followed up on some leads to the source of the 100 days of darkness, and found a hidden passage in the Holy temple of time to the north-east of Folstar. After dismantling some traps and slaying the hall filling monsters in the crampy corridors, we faced a room with three boxes on pedestals. When we reached for them one appeard to be a mimic, patiently awaiting his pray, the other two were actual boxes. But no normal boxes after all, the space in the boxes was way bigger than you could tell from the outside. We new at this point that something important was hidden, why else go through te trouble of so much layers of protection? The room of the boxes held some more creepy beings, and a demonic, but less creepy hell puppy. After it had been so long in the box, all by itself, it had lost some of it’s notorious nature and we after some failed attempts we came to more friendly terms. Though we didn’t know what we were looking for, we new we had found it when in one of the boxes we saw a page with undescipherable signs and a powerfull evil aura crept down our fingers when we touched it. With care we took the page and returned to Godrick, the helpfull wizard living in a tower halfway to Folstar. The puppy is now a member of our party on the quest to save the world from the impertinent doom. Pam Pam Pààààm.

Map of Arkenfel during 100 days dark festival

Map of Arkenfell during the 100 days dark festival

When we first arrived after passing through the timeportal, we discovered the 100 days during dark festival was held. From a traveling salesman we bought a pointy stick, which on itself can be very useful, but aparently it was a combo deal. So we got this map as well for the same price.


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